Food grade drying trays are stackable and can be used for a variety of food handling applications.

The trays are 600mm x 480mm. They can handle products up to 35mm thick and are ideally suited to either freezing or drying applications.

The very open design provides unrestricted airflow and good air contact with the product. Ribbing gives support, allowing for loads of 2 kg per tray without undue deflection.

Being stackable, they are commonly loaded in groups of four, with 192mm being allowed between the supporting trolley rails.

The trays are made from certified food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) A very tough and serviceable material suitable for either freezing applications or drying up to 55 C.

Pricing for trays: ex Brisbane

$A88 per box of 10, or $A1020 per pallet of 120. Plus GST.

Pricing for aluminium-framed trolleys: $A980 ea

The tough HDPE trays have 10mm square holes in the base, to provide for good product contact with the air flow.
The trolleys normally have 9 x stacks of 4 high, and 2 wide. With 2 kg per tray, each trolley will hold a nominal 144 kg.

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